Seven Churches of Revelation Tour

Turkey is in this area that the tree great monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianty and Islam have developed. Turkey is the cradle of the faiths.

The letters to the Seven Churches of Asia; Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea and Ephesus.

The letters written to the Seven Churches of Asia Minor in the book of Revelation. The letters to the Seven Churches of Asia ‘Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Phladelphia and Laodicea‘ constitute the beginning of the book.

The Seven Cities played an important role in the expansion of early from the Holy Land.

Day 1: Smyrna, Pergamum

  • Meet at The Izmir Hotel or Airport and visit St Polycarp Church which was an early member of cristian church in Smyrna. Drive to Perhamum visit ancient city of Pergamum and Red Basilica here is the oldest of the city’s remaining churches. Overnight at Pergamum

Day 2: Thyatira, Sardis,Philadelphia and Hierapolis

  • Drive from Pergamum to Thyatira . The remains of the Basilica of Thyatira are in the centre of the town.
  • Visit Sardis. One of the most picturesque areas of any of the Seven Churches.
  • Visit Philadelphia the city of brotherly love still standing some ruins in the modern town of Alasehir.
  • Drive to Pamukkale and visit Pamukkale and Hierapolis ancient city. Overnight Pamukkale.

Day 3: Laodicea and Ephesus

  • Visit Laodicea ancient city and drive to Ephesus . Visit ruins of the Ephesus and Mother Mary House, Basilica of St john. Drop to the Izmir airport or Hotel.

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