Kusadasi Walking City Tour

Kusadasi is a town to be explored in every step of the way. Kuşadasi has a history, entartainment and treasures of gastronomy. Kusadasi lies within walking distance of the port. Fruits, fresh vegetables, wine and olive oil have pride of the places Kusadasi’s local cusine. Kusadasi is a tourist destination with it s historical character. Kusadasi streets covered with old houses, castle, old Turkish baths and old mosques. Kusadasi is a natural paradise blending nature and history along the blue shore.

Visiting old Island with a castle, Caravanserai, old and an active Turkish baths, mosques, traditional Turkish houses. Traditional Turkish homes old part of the Kusadasi streets has a perfect example of the traditional Turkish architecture. You can also relax by drinking Turkish tea when you are tired.

Have the local lunch. Kusadasi has a wonderful cuisine many of it is dishes are marked by harmony of the culture. Meet at the port or hotel (Kuşadası). This is a walking tour and only guiding tour. If you are at the airport has an extra transfer fee.

Visit Pigeon Island with a castle on it and with abeautiful shore view.

Visit 17 AD Caravansarai, visit 650 yers old Turkish bath, visit from 17 AD old mosque. Walk at the steets af the Kusadasi with old houses. Enjoy the street foods. Visit local vegetable, fish, cheese, spice, baklava markets and shops. Kusadasi is also a paradise of shopping such as Turkish carpet, tiles, Turkish delight, leather and souveniers.

The colourful and historical streets are giving the impression of being a Mediterraean town. If time allows experience traditional Turkish bath at the 650 years old bath. Explore the town but also Turkish culture as much as possible. Explore the town with a local tour guide.


  • 7 and 1/2 Hours (approximately)

Suggested Places to Visit

  • Cravansarai
  • Old Turkish bath
  • Old houses
  • Old mosque
  • Castle

Tour Prices

  • US$ 70/per person (when group size is 2 persons)
  • US$ 60/per person (when group size is 3 persons)
  • US$ 50/per person (when group size is 4 persons)
  • US$ 40/per person (when group size is 5 & + persons)

Tour Prices Include

  • Guiding services

Tour Prices Exclude

  • Lunch
  • Beverages
  • Gratuities to the guide