Birdwatching in Turkey Tour

Turkey remains on of the world’s great crossroads and can rightly be called the place the East meets West.

Turkey has been classed as one of the most important bird sancturies of Europe. The deltas has the greatest variety.

Turkey, which is situated at the meeting point of three continents,forms a bridge between the areas of birds in the North and their winter nests in the South.

Western Turkey is crossed by several migration corridors between Africa to the South and central Asia and eastern Europe to the North.

Our birdwatching tours are strongly oriented toward birds.

Day 1

  • Fly to İzmir airport overnight Kuşadası

Day 2

  • Visit the valley of the Meander river well preserved wetland with home of veriety of birds.
  • Visit ruins of Ephesus

Day 3

  • Visit Prien ancient city and wetland of Great Meander.
  • Visit Doganbey old stone house village and flora and fauna National Park Museum.
  • Visit Bafa Lake , lake shores are a magnet for shorebirds.

Day 4

  • Fly from Izmir.